About Us

Designed in Canada and handcrafted in the small city of Sabae, Japan, dutil. eyewear sits with the most prestigious brands in the world. Known for building the most technically-advanced spectacles, the city of Sabae is incredibly selective when it comes to offering brands spots on their production lines. Dutil’s invitation to this exclusive Japanese art form is a huge affirmation of the brand’s superior designs and growth potential.

In each of our frames, our deepest artistic impulses are developed. Our collection of fundamental designs sets a new global standard for obtainable luxury, named the Quintessential series. Dutil took meticulous measures to create premium objects that would be the canvas for a simple and thoughtful composition. 

The Quintessential Series offers more than 20 styles, pairing titanium and exclusive acetates with delicate use of color, functionality, and a highly-refined aesthetic. The series tells the story of finding and paving a unique path for one’s self, represented by compasses carved into the custom filigree. The temples depict a half of a compass, underlined by small dots. The compass represents direction; the dots point to the passing of time. On the bridge and very center is a full compass, reflecting symmetry and the process of parallel elements coming together.

The collection is available exclusively at authorized retailers around the world.